Dog Poop Signs: What You Need To Know To Find Out When Your Dog Will Potty

dog poop signs

Many of us dog owners have one big problem with our pets. Their poop can cause a mess! Not just with dogs, but even with other pets like cats and rabbits. Thus, it’s important for us to know how to potty train our pets so that they won’t too much of a mess.

However, along with potty training your dog, it’s also important to know when he’s about to poop. Your dog doesn’t think and speak like a human. That’s why potty training can be useless if you’re not assisting your dog. With that said, stick around as we give some of the most common dog poop signs!


Dog Poop Signs: What You Need To Know To Find Out When Your Dog Will PottyI’ve Potty Trained My Dog, Now What?Why Do Some Dogs Sniff And Circle?What Kind Of Other Signs Are Out There?Barking At The DoorScratching And WhiningIt’S All About Paying Attention To Detail

I’ve Potty Trained My Dog, Now What?

As we previously mentioned, most of us would immediately potty train our pets as soon as we get them. That’s perfectly understandable, since we don’t want our companions to mark the house down with their pee or poop.

Thus, before you start looking for signs that your pooch is going to poop, it’s important to potty train it first. By doing this, you’re not panicking once you see your dog giving out signs that it’s about to poop.

dog poop signs

So always remember, potty training and paying attention to the signs should be used together. As for my experience as a dog owner, I was able to use this duo to let my dog poop comfortably.

Speaking of comfort, some dogs won’t be able to access their potty station just because they’re physically limited. A great example here is my pug. Living in an apartment, the only place where my pug can poop is the bathroom.

However, my family members keep it a rule to always shut off the bathroom door because it’s directly in front of the dining area. With that said, even if my pug knows where to go, he doesn’t have the capability to open a door.

Thus, here’s where the poop signs come in. After carefully monitoring my dog’s behavior, I was able to know when and how he poops. For starters, I learned that my dog would poop every 6am and 5pm.

Every time my dog is about to poop, my pug circles around sniffing something in the floor. My pooch would keep on sniffing and circling and that would be my go to signal to open the bathroom and let him poop inside. Pretty convenient!

Why Do Some Dogs Sniff And Circle?

dog poop signs

  • pawSniffing and circling are in fact the most common and beneficial signals that your dog will potty. The reason for this is actually simple. For starters, dog sniff their surroundings first in order for them to find their scent.
  • pawThis scent is related to their previous potty session, that’s why they’re sniffing the ground to find where they last marked it. This is part of a dog’s territorial instinct. As for the circling method, dogs do this in order to sort of draw their area.
  • pawBy circling, they get a clearer location of where exactly they’re going to potty. That’s why if you have a potty trained dog, usually it will circle only at his potty station. Should it be inaccessible, your dog will most probably circle somewhere near that area. This can happen due to locked doors or absence of assistance to your pet.

What Kind Of Other Signs Are Out There?

Now, it’s important to know that my pug is a lucky case. The circling and sniffing motion is very distinct, allowing me to take action right away. However, some of my other dogs have a bit of a vaguer signal.

Barking At The Door

For instance, my jack russell terrier would signal that it’s time to poop by barking at the terrace’ door.

However, that’s always not the case because sometimes, he just barks at it and goes to the terrace for no reason. This is one of the trickier signals to master. Especially if you own a hunting or herding dog.

My terrier sometimes barks at the door not because it wants to poop, but just because it spotted a squirrel or a stray cat.

Still, the best case to do here is to just let your dog out nonetheless.

dog poop signs

Scratching And Whining

dog poop signs

Lastly, your dog can whine and scratch doors or floors too if they’re about to poop. This might happen as a sign of frustration out of your pet. This is mostly evident if you have a tendency to place your dog in a closed kennel.

As for the whining, this is most commonly found in puppies. Similar to babies, puppies haven’t built their instinct yet which is why they’re not used to the other signals. Instead, they’d cry as a sign of help.

Do remember, however, that crying can mean many things. Just remove your dog from the kennel if it’s crying. It’s a lot safer that way.

It’S All About Paying Attention To Detail

Your dog may have more peculiar way of giving signs, and that’s up to you to find out! Remember, every dog is different, and at the end of the day, it all boils down to attention. If you don’t pay attention to the detail, you won’t know your dog’s needs immediately.

That short moment where your dog is looking uncomfortable will make a huge difference. It can determine whether you’re cleaning up messy poop, or if your dog will potty correctly. Thus, always love your pet and understand its needs! Good luck!