Why Does My Dog Poop So Much?: Things You Need To Know About Pets

Are there days when your dog seems to be pooping so much? And you find yourself asking why does my dog poop so much? Every after clean up? Don’t worry! This isn’t always a bad sign and it certainly doesn’t always mean that your dog is sick.


Today, we will try to list out possible reasons as to why this is happening as well as quick remedies and what to do to avoid this. So please stay tuned and find out the answers to your question below.


What’s happening to my dog?


With four dogs in the house, it’s pretty challenging to clean up after their “mess” from day to day. And that also includes their poop, which also happens regularly, everyday. However, there are a few instances when I feel like they poop so much.

Out of my four dogs, only one of them has weak appetite. And the rest of the four all seem to be “eating machines” waiting to be activated. Although this is something I totally understand as they’re big dogs, we try to keep their diet healthy and varied.

They usually just eat lean chicken breast, treats, dog food and some fruits that dogs are allowed to eat. We also take them out every morning and night for jogs and potty breaks.


In my experience, my dogs usually poop so much when they’ve eaten something that they aren’t used to eating. There was also a phase when two of my dogs (they’re twins and are both male) both less than a year old, seem to be pooping so much.

But in the end, it turns out it is because of the amount of food they eat (which is a lot) that isn’t very ideal for their young age.

The Possible ​Reasons

Now, those cases I’ve mentioned above might not be the same for you or other dog owners. Which is why, here, we will be listing down all the possible reasons for your dog to poop so much:


1. Sudden change in diet

Did you change your the brand of your dog’s food? Did you increase the amount of food you’ve been giving? These sudden changes in your dog’s diet can also be a cause for your dog to poop so much.

If that is so, try to gradually introduce the new dog food to your pooch. You can try by mixing up the new dog food with the old dog food in small amounts. For example, you can simply add 25% of the new dog food and the remaining 75% should still be the old dog food.

This can help your dog to properly transition from the old brand to the new brand.


2. The amount of food taken per day

Just as mentioned earlier, the reason as to why your dog might be pooping so much can also be caused by the amount of food it takes per day. You might be feeding your dog a little more than it needs.

If you think this might be the reason, you can try gradually reducing the amount your dog eats. Or, if your dog eats twice a day, try to give your dog the same amount but in smaller portions, evenly distributed throughout the whole day.

The amount of fiber content in your dog’s food can also be a reason as to why it is pooping so much. So also make sure that your dog is not getting too much fiber.


3. Bad Food


Are you sure your dog hasn’t been exploring garbage bins? Or taking scraps from the dinner table? Or maybe a party guest has given something to your dog that it doesn’t usually eat? Bad food does not necessarily have to be spoiled food.

It can be any food that your dog should not eat or does not usually it. If this is the case, try not feeding you dog first for the next few hours and observe if this persists. Give your dog adequate amount of water to help it rehydrate.

And should your dog ever be hungry, try feeding your pooch in very small amounts. Also, look out for the smell, appearance and texture of your dog’s poop as they can be indicators.

However, if it still persists, it is best to take your dog to a vet for proper diagnosis and remedy.

To Sum Things Up

At the end of the day, you know your dog best and you have to decide for yourself if your dog is pooping too much. And, if it wasn’t resolved by home remedies, it is best to immediately get you pooch checked.

However, do not panic if your dog is in such situation. As long as you immediately bring your dog to a vet, your dog will eventually be okay!

Roy Jr.

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