The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds: Think First Before You Raise These Dogs!

There’s a common misconception that there are the good and bad breeds when it comes to our domestic pets. Even in the dog kingdom, people still stereotype a lot of breeds because of their reputation. For example, some companies don’t cover insurances for pet owners that own a specific breed.

Although we will be listing down the most dangerous dog breeds, it’s important for us to know that these breeds are just as kind. The only thing that makes them look dangerous is because they’re smarter. Thus, their intelligence allows them to not believe humans so easily, especially those outside the family.


What Makes Dogs Dangerous?

Dangerous Dog Breeds
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    Before we start our list, every dog owner should know that any breed can be dangerous. For example, I attended an event where pug owners meet and greet each other with their pugs. Although pugs are universally considered as one of the friendliest dogs, there were a few that were hostile.
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    On the side note, I’ve raised and owned a Doberman for 3 years now. It’s safe to say that my Doberman does not have any issues with friends and family. Not once did my Doberman bit anybody, although it’s still pretty territorial.
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    This brings me to my first point. There are dogs that were bred to be territorial and protective. This makes them seem dangerous for people outside the family. My Doberman gets a little hostile when the mailman or pizza guy arrives, for example.
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    Although quite scary, this “dangerous” side of dogs is what makes them great guardians. They’re good for scaring away thieves and anybody with bad intentions. Still, the alarming reason why so many dogs are considered dangerous is because of their owners irresponsibility.

Irresponsible ownership

If you’re an owner of an intelligent breed, it’s important to raise and train your dog properly. Dogs that are hostile are generally the ones that were locked up or leashed a lot. This means that their owners did not even take the time to mingle them with their environment.

Another reason why dogs can be dangerous is that they’re not exercised. Dogs that are labelled as dangerous often need more exercise than the norm. A dog without its needs will make it frustrated. Thus, this shows whenever the dog interacts with its environment.

The Top 4

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

Dangerous Dog Breeds

The Pit bull starts off our list because it might be considered as the most dangerous dog, especially in Europe. However, it might be also the most misunderstood breed. Many countries have banned this dog because of its notorious bite. 

The bite of the Pit bull stems from its powerful jaw, which can literally break a man’s bone.This powerful bite is actually caused by us humans in the first place. Pit bulls are a product of crossbreeding. The goal here was to create a powerful dog that can win in pit fights back when it was legal.

Although it might seem scary, Pit bulls are loyal companions. Many organizations and groups out there are Pit bull advocates. That’s because it’s one of the most misunderstood dogs. If you actually raise one properly and give its needs, Pit bulls are fluffy pets.

2. Doberman Pinscher

Dangerous Dog Breeds

The Doberman was my choice of guard dog. Meanwhile, the Pit bull has been my neighbor’s guard dog ever since. Both of these dogs are excellent protectors because of their instinct and intelligence. That’s where the Doberman can be dangerous. If you don’t train this dog properly, it will outsmart and disobey you.

Although not as buff as the Pit bull, Dobermans are still well-built and lean. They have long legs with a very light frame. Thus, this allows them to swiftly catch their target.

Although they have a menacing look due to their horn-like ears, Doberman’s are amazing pets. Just think about it, these are the dogs delivering medical packs to German armies during the World Wars.

3. Rottweiler

Dangerous Dog Breeds

Rottweiler’s are like a mix of a Doberman and a Pit bull when you look at them at first. They have the coloration of a Doberman, but have a bulky body like a Pit bull. Still, what’s catchy about the Rottweiler is its cutesy docked tail.

Although it might seem cute, A Rottweiler’s bite packs a punch. Its bite is the strongest in our list, and that makes this dog perfect for the police. In USA, these dogs are known to take down notorious criminals by biting their arms.

Originally bred to pull carts and guard livestock, this dog is just like a Swiss army knife. They’re convenient companions, and you only need to socialize them at an early age.

4. German Shepherd

Dangerous Dog Breeds

German Shepherds are not as negatively viewed as the other dogs in our list. That’s because it’s been serving various armies throughout the world for so many years. German Shepherds can do it all. They can guard, search and rescue. However, they’re best known to work as bomb-sniffing dogs.

Still, they’re ranked as the third smartest dog in the world. Thus, this can put you at a disadvantage if you’re not going to train it right at a young age. These dogs are powerful both in bite and takedowns, making it an excellent war dog.

Remember, the smarter the dog, the more it can doubt you as the alpha male of the pack!

Wrapping It Up

Dangerous Dog Breeds

That’s our short list featuring the top four dogs that can be tricky to raise because if their protective instincts. Other notable omissions from that list include the Bullmastiff, Tibetan Mastiff, Chow Chow, Alaskan Malamute, and the Dalmatian.

Still, always remember that no domestic dog is dangerous by nature. All of our furry pooches make great companions, even the Pit bull that has a poor reputation. The only thing that’s different with these breeds is that they need more training and effort.

Proper socialization with people, integration to their environment, and constant exercise will prevent these dogs from being dangerous. As long as you stick to your responsibility as an owner, you’re not only gifted with a loyal companion, but a hard working one too!

Roy Jr.

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