Things You Need To Know As A Pet Owner: Can Dogs Drink Wine?

Whatever the occasion is, adults seem to find a reason to serve some drinks. After all, what’s a party without a little alcohol right? However, if you plan to throw a party and have dogs at home, be careful that people do not accidentally feed your pets food they should not take.

More importantly, it is not just foods that can be harmful to dogs. There are also drinks they can’t have. So today, we will be discussing the question “Can dogs drink wine?”. Here are some things you need to know. 


Things You Need To Know As A Pet Owner: Can Dogs Drink Wine?

Dogs and Drinks


Having a very huge extended family, there are lots of instances and occasions when there are 15 or more people in our home. It can’t be avoided as well if some of these guests wanted to play with our dogs despite their huge size (they’re very fluffy and sweet).

As a pet owner of four dogs, it is very challenging to keep watch of what our guests and relatives might feed the dogs. Or even let them drink. Which is why it is very important to tell them beforehand what you can and can’t let your dogs eat or drink.

Especially, if you plan on leaving them unattended for quite some time. Or if you can help it, simply keep them away from the crowd first. After all, some dogs actually feel anxiety when there are too many people in the same place as they are.

Even most so if they’re not very familiar with the group of people. 


There was one instance when a relative unintentionally left his glass of beer on the floor. One of my dogs ended up smelling the glass and “licking” a small amount of the beer. And the next thing we knew, my dog was acting strange. Like a tipsy human.

Bibble fell asleep early that night. When Bibble woke up, she was already okay. And some people might actually think that is funny, but health wise? It’s not. Fortunately, that was the only side effect she experienced. 

Because for other dogs, it can be much worse. So, the initial answer to the question “Can dogs drink wine?” is NO. They cannot drink wine. 

Why Can’t Dogs Drink Wine Or Any Alcoholic Beverages?

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    Like us humans, dogs can also experience alcohol poisoning. However, unlike us humans that have the ability to “digest” alcoholic drinks well, dogs cannot due to their small size. Small size is equals to small liver. 
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    If for some humans, there is such thing as high alcohol tolerance and low alcohol tolerance, there isn’t such thing for dogs at all. Dogs are intolerant when it comes to alcohol. 
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    No matter how small the amount of alcohol in a drink is, it can negatively affect your dog. This is because the small size of your dog’s liver is not meant to process alcohol. 
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    There are even instances when dogs who are exposed to beer or wine spilled on a carpet or couch also get affected. This is because the alcohol is absorbed through their skin. As for the beer, the yeast is also one of the reasons as to why dogs should not be exposed to the said drink. 
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    So if you practice letting your dog have a “little sip” on your beer or wine just to calm them down, we strongly suggest that you refrain from doing so. Especially for the health and wellbeing of your pet. 
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    And if the time comes that your dog has actually had alcohol, it is also very important that you know what to do. If you don't, immediately contact or take them to the vet. Giving the right remedy to fight off the symptoms is very important.
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    Also, if your dog is vomiting, let it do so. Keep a bucket or container with you if you will be taking your dog to the vet with a car. Vomiting is your dog’s way of flushing out the alcohol it took, much like how we humans vomit as well when we’re drunk. 

What Else Should You Know

If your purpose for exposing your dog to alcoholic drinks is to calm them down, you do not have to rely on such risky method anymore. There are lots of different ways to calm your pooch down, even without the help of professionals.

A relaxing environment, good food and adequate amount of exercise or “play time” can help your dog calm down and have a good night’s sleep. However, aside from alcoholic drinks, there are still some more liquids that your pooch must avoid.

So be careful about unconsciously or unintentionally giving your dogs something they’re not supposed to have. Because it can get pretty dangerous for them. 

To Sum It All Up


Whatever the size of your dog or no matter how sturdy they look like, they have their limitations and weaknesses. Compared to us humans, dogs can be a little fragile. Which is why we have to be a little careful about the stuff we feed them or let them drink.

Though it can be funny sometimes, feeding your pooch human food, we think it is funnier to see them happy and playing around naturally. After all, as pet owners, nothing is more rewarding than seeing our dogs healthy and in good shape!

Roy Jr.

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