The Most Expensive Dog Breeds: Pricey Dogs That Are Worth It!

expensive dog breeds

Let’s face it, even when it comes to our dogs, money can be an issue. This is the case especially since our dogs are actual family members. Thus, they need more than just the basic necessities in their life.

Some breeds are easier to maintain, while others are part of the expensive dog breeds list. However, even if you’re in a tight budget, these dogs can still be worth it because of their loving nature. Stick around to find out our list of the top expensive dogs!


What Makes These Dogs Expensive?

expensive dog breeds

Before anything else, let’s make it clear: this list does not solely indicate a dog’s price in a pet store. Many of you might get the notion that we’re basing this list off their price. Well, for one, there are many situations where you can get dogs for free.

For example, Chow Chows and SIberian Huskies are quite expensive in tropical countries. However, you can always get these beautiful breeds through breeders and friends. Another option would be adopting a dog from a shelter, which is better since these dogs are often marginalized.

So, instead of just basing their price using the market’s perception, we’ll also include their maintenance. A lot of dogs differ when it comes to maintenance. This includes their hygienic, dietary, and healthily needs.

Using these main categories, along with the rarity of the dogs, we’ll be deciding on which dog will be part of the list!

expensive dog breeds

The Top Seven

1. German Shepherds

Contrary to popular belief, German Shepherds aren’t exactly the purest dog breeds when it comes to health. That is why they come in first in our list, because many German Shepherds have had so many trips to the vet.

The price of a puppy in a pet store is pricey alone. However, the main concern here is the German Shepherd’s ailments. These loyal dogs were bred to be working dogs. Thus, many have had problems such as hip dysplasia and gastrointestinal diseases.

If you’re planning to get a German Shepherd to protect your family and do heavy work, ready your money! These dogs can be prone to injury over time.

expensive dog breeds

2. Chow Chow

We recently mentioned that Chow Chows can be expensive in tropical countries. Well, scratch that, because Chows might be expensive in general. The first thing that you’ll notice with this dog is its majestic mane and fur.

That beautiful fur that’s fit for dog shows do not pop out naturally. It takes consistent and good grooming to get a Chow Chow to look good. Otherwise, a Chow Chow with no proper grooming can look like a giant rag.

What’s worse, an ungroomed Chow Chow can lead to skin diseases. Thus, always remember that this dog’s grooming is as heavy as it can get. Not to mention, be on the lookout for its health problems surrounding its face as well.

expensive dog breeds

3. English Bulldog

expensive dog breeds

English bulldogs are one of the most comical dog breeds out there. Their loving personality along with their humorous antics have made them in-demand. That means that the price of an English bulldog should also skyrocket in pet stores and from breeders.

However, that’s not really the biggest issue. As much as we don’t want to accept it, this breed is one of the least healthiest. Because of the dog’s brachycephalic face, it tends to suffer eye and respiratory problems.

More than that, these dogs are not really into exercise. That means they’re not the fittest dogs when it comes to the cardiovascular system. These dogs also love to eat a lot. So, ready your wallet for tons of dog food and treats!

4. Great Dane

The Great Dane is a majestic dog. It’s the inspiration for many pop culture characters, most prominently Scooby Doo. However, this glorified dog isn’t really that cheap, and that’s because of its size.

The Great Dane is easily the tallest dog out there. You can even see some pictures of kids riding its back like a pony. This is unadvisable, by the way. The main money sapper of this breed is its diet.

expensive dog breeds

Great Danes will need tons of calories, carbohydrates, and protein to get through the day. These dogs aren’t just for show, because they are well-built and athletic. Hence, if you’re planning to get one, make sure that your dog’s bowl is always full.

Other costs with this breed is its kennel. There aren’t many pet stores that has a crate as big as an adult Great Dane. Moreover, if you’re planning to transport your dog, additional costs may be required.

5. French Bulldog

French bulldogs are a curious case when it comes to expenses. Like its English counterpart, these brachycephalic breeds are prone to problems ranging from eye to respiratory.

expensive dog breeds

However, one of the bigger issues here is that this dog is not biologically fit for exercise. They have stocky legs to go with a huge head and a muscular body. Because of that, simple tasks such as running and walking can tire this dog out.

That means it could lead to a variety of diseases centered around the heart and also in blood circulation. Moreover, French bulldogs cannot mate naturally because of their built. Thus, if you want to have new puppies, then hiring a professional is the only way to go.

6. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs are giant breeds that can resemble a bear sometimes. These dogs are like a mix between a Chow Chow and a Mastiff. Their giant build coupled with long and thick fur makes this dog standout.

expensive dog breeds

Beneath that fur is a difficult grooming process. One week without checking your Tibetan Mastiff, and you might see tons of flea and tick. Tibetan Mastiffs love the outdoors because they’re bred to be guard dogs. However, this can be problematic because their fur can have a lot of dirt building up inside.

Thus, this dog can take a toll on your wallet if you’re not prepared. They’d need extra grooming and more equipment than necessary. Not to mention, dog shampoo and soap will be consumed faster because of the Tibetan Mastiff’s size.

7. Pugs

expensive dog breeds

Pugs are quite cheaper compared to the others in this list. The Pug and the French Bulldogs are one of the few toy breeds that can be expensive. The reason for the Pug being included is because of its health problems.

These dogs are particularly not good with hot climates, and their eyes can literally pop out if you’re not careful. Other problems with Pugs are related to its flat face. These include skin problems with the wrinkles, teeth problems, and respiratory issues.

As for my own Pug, I shelled a lot of money because of its skin disease. Pugs are adorable companions and are easy to maintain. However, be wary about the possible health problems that it can come with. To further add, these little balls of joy have an appetite way bigger than their size! So don’t forget to restock your treats and dog food!

Summing It Up

Future and present expenses for your dogs are one of the most important things to consider before getting one. If you’re not financially sound to bring a dog into your family, then it’s better to not force the issue.

There has been plenty of cases where owners regret getting a dog due to financial problems. It’s not only you who’s in a stressful situation when this happens, because your dog will suffer too.

expensive dog breeds

To prevent this from happening, always check the breed’s potential health problems, diet, hygiene, and grooming. If you’re getting one from the store, consider the price tag too. If you’re confident in your savings, then by all means, go for it!

All seven dogs that we’ve listed make for great family members. It’s all up to you to be a responsible owner. If you found this article informative, don’t forget to share this to your friends! Good luck!

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Where do tea cup Chihuahua’s rank? I have the cutest tea cup Chihuahua named Chloe, she adopted me & we are the best together, she is fun everyone loves her, one lady asked me if she is a real dog? She weights just three pounds. Very tiny and was the only girl in the litter of pups her Mom had three pups naturally. I read that Chihuahuas live to be twenty is that true. My Chloe loves fruits & veggies. Premium dog food is a must for my sweet Chloe. She has never been sick I’d say from her healty diet. Chloe will be seven the end of Sept. She shares a birthday with my husband. Thank you for the great website looking forward to many more info on dogs.


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