How To Understand My Dog: Why Does My Dog Sit On My Feet?

There’s nothing new about dogs licking you everywhere, sniffing on you and all. However, there are instances where you might wonder why they are doing these. You might have even asked yourself some time already, “why does my dog sit on my feet?”.
Don’t worry, that is very normal. Because today, we will be featuring this article to answer your question! We will be listing down possible reasons as to why your dog might be sitting on your feet. Please stay tuned.


What Is My Dog Thinking?


If you’ve taken care of a dog as young as less than a year old, you will experience a lot of their habits and mannerisms. Some of which they might retain or outgrow. As I own four dogs, I have experienced a lot of different forms of “affection” from them.
My dogs like nose to nose, licking, kissing and sniffing. Which is why when I first experienced one of them sitting on my feet, I did not find it odd. When I sit down with them while either petting them or giving them a tummy rub, they usually do this.
Sometimes, they would even look me in the eye first, as if to ask permission. Then, I would simply find them sitting down or lying comfortably on my feet. And funnily, they wouldn’t move unless I show them that I will be doing something else. Like a household chore.
So do not be alarmed if your dog starts doing this more often. You are not alone in this. Chances are, they are perfectly fine, just feeling a bit more touchy.

So, Why Do They Do It?


Like any other gestures or forms of affection, there can be a number of implications as to why your dog sits on your feet. Especially, when the two of you are actually very close. That said, here are possible reasons as to why they do that:

1. To Guard You As Their “Leader”

Dogs are naturally protective because they are “pack animals”. And it is only natural for them to protect the “leader” of the pack which is you. By staying close to you or sitting on your feet, they feel like they are protecting you.
So if you’re in public, talking to a stranger (or just somebody your dog might not be familiar with), do not be surprised if they start doing this. 

2. To “Claim” You Or Show Territoriality

Like cats, dogs are also naturally possessive or territorial. When you’re in the presence of other dogs, you might find your own dog sitting on your feet. And that is because they are trying to “claim” you as their owner.
They are simply expressing that you belong to them and they to you. 

To Show Affection Or Love

This is one of the most common reasons as to why your dog might be sitting on your feet. If you and your dog are very close, this gesture should not surprise you. Whenever dogs feel very comfortable with you, they will do these kind of things.
This is to show you that they need you and that you’re their source of “warmth” on a chilly day. 

Social Anxiety

However, no matter how cute the gesture might seem, sometimes it’s not enough to assume that the reasons listed above might always be the case. Remember, it might not be the same for all dogs. They might be feeling social anxiety.
So if you feel as if your dog doing the gesture is a little out of character, then observe some more. There are times when dogs feel cornered or lonely. If they are in the presence of a lot of strangers, or after you leave them alone for a long time. 


To Wrap Things Up

At the end of the day, your dog will shower you with different forms of affection. Even though sometimes, they might seem a little weird to us humans. So do not freak out if your dog start getting all touchy with you. That is simply how they show they care.
After all, isn’t that makes dogs man’s bestfriend? Or more importantly, your best friend and even family! Good luck with your pooch and don’t forget to comment, like, and share!

Roy Jr.

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