What You Need To Know About Pets: Why Do Dogs Lick Each Others’ Ears?

Dogs are very expressive creatures. When they’re sad, hungry, happy or scared, you can easily tell from their body signals. They are also naturally thoughtful, which is why you might probably see them licking other dogs or cleaning other dog’s ears. Aside from licking your face, that is.

That might be really cute. However, if you are wondering why do dogs lick each others’ ears, then that is exactly what we will be trying to answer today. To answer this question, here are several things you should know.

So, Why Does My Dog Lick Other Dogs’ Ears?


Now, before you assume that your dog is in heat or is attracted to that certain dog, note that this gesture can mean a lot of different things. As an owner of dogs that are twins, this is something that I often see. Both my dogs are male.

Which is why before, we found it absurd that they lick each other’s ears.

During their early childhood, we would often catch Char (the older among the twins), licking Coal’s ears. As if trying to clean them. This also answered our unspoken question on how Coal manages to keep his ears clean.

This went on for about a few more months before they turned a year old (in human time). We even reached a point where we were actually doubting Char’s masculinity. But of course, that was something that should not be considered as a fact.

For us, we just simply found Char funny.

However, nowadays this does not usually happen anymore. As they reached over a year old, both of the twins seem to have outgrown the habit already. Which is why we will be listing possible reasons as to why dogs lick each others’ ears.



Dogs have so much energy to burn. Especially dogs that are naturally athletic. This is why they easily feel bored when cooped up in one place, doing nothing. This is also why we tend to catch them toying around with things at home.

 So the next time you see your dog licking another dog’s ears, this might be a sign of boredom.



It may not look like it, but like cats, dogs are also mindful of grooming. Dogs who grow up together tend to lick each others’ ears as a form of bonding, affection or just mutual grooming.

 In fact, for some dogs, the ear wax and debris of another dog has a distinctive taste and smell. This is what further attracts them to do the gesture.


OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Like us humans, dogs can also experience mental issues such as OCD. Dogs who are experiencing this can exhibit this behavior excessively. Especially, when they feel anxiety or fear.

 Although this might be resolved through anti-anxiety medications, it would be best to check with your vet or canine specialist to get a better diagnosis.


Submissive Behavior

Finally, licking ears might just be a submissive behavior. Once your dog identifies someone of higher status or as a pack leader, this might be the case as well. This can be seen when your dog lies flat or wiggles, with its own ears laid back while licking another dog’s ear.

But B​​​​eware…


If you have experienced raising more than one dog, you would know how usual it is to see them licking each others’ ears.

Now, you might find this habit cute, but it can also pose some problems in the future. Dogs excessively licking on each other’s ears can leave their ears damp and very moist. This makes their ears a good environment for bacteria to thrive in.

With this said, bacteria build-up and infection might occur. And that is exactly what we want to avoid.

To solve this, you can always use an ear mite medicine or a topical flea medicine for your pet’s ears. However, you might have to watch over your pooch to see if your other dogs will try licking again.

They might ingest the medicine and negate any effects that the medicine might have been able to give. Or if your dogs can't help it, you can simply opt to use an Elizabethan collar to temporarity address the issue.

Wrapping It Up


Do not be afraid if your dog seems to like licking another dog’s ears too much. This is a very common gesture, especially among dogs who grew up together. But then again, if it seems to be getting a little out of hand, it is best to do something about it.

There will always be a lot of options to try out there. After all, our dog’s safety and well-being is something we are all looking out for as pet owners!

Roy Jr.

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