Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys? Understanding Your Dog Better

Any good dog owner should give his or her pet a nice set of toys. Dogs love to play, especially during their puppy years. This is why it’s important to think carefully on the toys you’re going to give them.

With that said, squeaky toys are some of the best items to buy. These toys can make your pooch really playful because of its sound. It’ll surely make your dog more busy compared to other static toys that have no sound when pressed or squeezed.

That said, stay tuned to find out why do dogs like squeaky toys!


Does Your Dog Prefer Squeaky Toys?

Before answering the question, you might want to ask yourself, are squeaky toys a dog’s favorite?

Well, we might not really know the answer to that, but most dogs really do like squeaky toys. The answer to that question really depends on your dog’s attitude and personality. For instance, my Collie loves toys that have no sound, while my Doberman loves to nibble the squeaky ones.

why do dogs like squeaky toys

There are many other types of toys out there that your dog can be interested in. Some dog toys have a rattling sound, usually coming from a bell inside. Some dogs prefer a rattling sound, and this is probably because of its lighter tone compared to the screechy sound of a squeaky toy.

On the other hand, it’s also important to take note that some dogs prefer to have soft toys. When speaking about soft toys, these are the ones usually made out of foam or cotton. Dolls, stuffed animals, and even pillows can be a source of entertainment for your dog.

Generally speaking, our furry companions aren’t picky when it comes to their toys. Dogs have a lot of energy in them, so anything that moves or generates sound will definitely trigger their instincts. What are these instincts? Simply put, these are trigger their predatory nature.

Dogs And Their Hunting Instincts: Should I Be Worried?

why do dogs like squeaky toys

Going straight to the point, studies show that our pooches might be attracted to squeaky toys because it reminds them of a living animal. Dogs are generally curious to living creatures, especially those that they think are weaker than them.

This is why there are a lot of dogs that are specifically bred to be either shepherd dogs or hunting dogs. These are our companions that hunt, track down, or herd herbivores or livestock as part of their lifestyles.

That said, you’ll notice that some squeaky toys are designed to be in the shape of an animal. For instance, rubber ducks and other farm animals like chickens are common designs of these toys. This helps your dog visualize the toy more, allowing him to be engaged.

Squeaky Toy As Preyimage

why do dogs like squeaky toys

Now, going back to the squeaking sound, you might still wonder what it’s all about. Chickens and ducks definitely don’t sound like squeaky toys, so what is it that makes dogs crazy?

Well, there’s an opinion among animal experts that this comes from the wolves’ instincts. A pack of wolves tend to listen closely to their environment for squeals, screeches, and cries. This could signal a weakened prey which the pack could hunt down for their food.

As you should know by now, dogs are descendants of the wolves. This is why there’s a strong suggestion that your dog thinks of the squeaky toy as prey.

This could be further proved if you look closely at your dog’s behavior. Usually, if you taunt your dog with a squeaky toy, chances are he’ll get a little aggressive. From time to time, you might notice him show his teeth, or even attempt to grab the toy away from you.

After handing the toy, you might see your dog nibble it and drag it across the room. Although this might sound a little worrisome, there’s no need to be cautious. All of this is part of your dog’s instinct, and by doing this, it allows them to release it.

If your dog does this on a regular basis, it’s a good sign that he or she is able to practice canine instincts. It’s a lot better for your dog to do this to harmless things rather than suppress it and be aggressive towards real people.

Always remember…

why do dogs like squeaky toys

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that our dogs are still dogs. We might treat them as our babies or best friends, but we still need to let them be themselves. Part of being a dog is being able to play aggressively.

By letting them practice canine instincts towards a toy, you’ll keep your dog stress-free and happy. Not to mention, your dog will love you a lot more if you play with him! Just be sure to monitor them from time-to-time, some dogs can overdo it and break the toy. Take note that a broken toy can be harmful to your pet.

So that’s it for today, playing with your dog with squeaky toys is always a fun and great bonding activity. Good luck! Always remember to tell us your thoughts below and share it with your friends!

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