What Is The Best Dog Shampoo For My Pet? Tips And Things To Consider

Finding the best dog shampoo is an important part of keeping of keeping your pooch healthy and happy. It is only natural to keep your standards high when buying dog shampoo. So do not feel bad about being meticulous.

However, picking a shampoo might not be as easy because conditions vary. What might work for my dog might not work for yours. It is very important to thoroughly go through some factors to consider before buying a large amount of a certain dog shampoo.


Why Is It Important To Get The Best Shampoo For Your Dog?

Just as we mentioned earlier, it is important that you know your dog well. More importantly, it is also helpful to know which kinds of shampoo are most suited to your dog’s needs.

As an owner of four dogs, it was very challenging at first to find the best shampoo for each of them. Two of my dogs had short fur and the other two had long and thick manes. All four of them shed quite a fair amount everyday, but even more when we bathed them.

The Best Dog Shampoo

Needless to say, it took us about two to three brands of shampoo before discovering the perfect brands for them. When we first tried one product for all of them, some of them ended up having rough and dry manes. Some of them have shedded more than usual.

There was even one of them who ended up having red spots or small rashes because the product was not well-suited. And this is exactly what we want to avoid. Knowing your dog’s needs, allergies and coat well can help you avoid this.

After all, the well-being of your dog should be your number one priority. Do not be afraid to consult a veterinarian or dog dermatologist if you are really in doubt.

Things To Consider When Buying Dog Shampoo

Now, you might be tempted to use your own shampoo on your dog. Especially if your dog’s shampoo suddenly runs out. We do not advice this. There are some ingredients in human shampoos that might be too harsh for dogs.

The Best Dog Shampoo

With this said, here are some factors to consider before buying your dog a shampoo:

1. Does Your Dog Have Ticks Or Fleas?

This is one of the most common issues among dogs, especially during the summer. Dogs with thick manes are most susceptible to these, summer or not. All four of our dogs are guard dogs. They are large breeds that like staying outside in the backyard or lawn.

They also love “sun bathing” and rolling over the grass and soil. This is why it is not surprising that they have some ticks or fleas every now and then. If your dog is having the same problem, buy a shampoo that’s tick and flea repellant.

2. What Is The pH Of The Shampoo?

The pH is also one of the most important factors, one that is also very underrated. Just like us humans, our dog’s skin also has a natural pH to maintain. Therefore, it is very important that the pH of the shampoo is not too high and not too low.

The Best Dog Shampoo

The pH of a dog’s skin is significantly lower than ours. So it is not ideal to use human shampoo on dogs. Leaning towards the more alkaline concentration, a dog’s natural pH usually ranges from 5.5 to 7.5. Depending on your dog’s gender, breed as well as the climate in your place. The neutral pH range for dog shampoos should be around seven.

3. What Are The Ingredients In The Shampoo?

You should also look out for the ingredients of the shampoo. We all want a good-smelling shampoo because we know how dogs easily acquire funky smells, especially when they expose themselves to different “conditions”.

That could be their poop, the garbage pile near your lawn, or that dirty grassy area in the park.

With this said, it is only natural to find a good-smelling shampoo. Strictly avoid artificially dyed shampoos as well as artificial fragrance. Even too much fragrance might give your dog irritations.

Choose those shampoo brands that use natural fragrances such as citrus, lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus. Not only do they give off a natural fragrance, they can also help eliminate any funky odors instead of just drowning out the smell.

4. Does Your Dog Have Short Or Long Mane?

The Best Dog Shampoo

For two of our dogs, they use more shampoo because of their long and thick manes. It takes more than just a quarter-sized drop to cover their entire body. This is why it is important to identify if your dog has long or short mane.

If your dog has short mane, you can simply get a shampoo of smaller amount. Just to try if it sits well with your dog. However, if you’re already sure that the shampoo works for your dog’s fur (especially if it is long and thick), then buy the one with more quantity in it.

5. What Does Your Dog’s Coat Need The Most?

Finally, what does your dog need the most? How young is your pooch? Does your dog have light (or white) colored coat? Or is it dark? Is your dog’s fur prone to tangles? Is your dog’s fur dull and dry?

Or, do you need that dry shampoo which you can just use on your pooch on the go?

Don’t worry. There are lots of dog shampoo brands out there that cater to these specific needs and problems. If you are lucky enough to find a shampoo that puts a check on all of the factors listed above, then buy it. Most especially when they also deal with these specific needs.

It is just up to you to find which brand works best for your pooch. And when you do find one that works, don’t compromise on the price. It probably seems a little expensive for a reason.

Our Top 5 Picks

#1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo With Soothing Aloe By Nootie (16 oz.)

Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Soothing Aloe by Nootie (16 oz.)

Via Amazon.com

Nootie presents its Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, colloidal oatmeal, ordenone, and aloe vera. The aloe vera can help give relief to your dog’s itchy skin and other irritations.

Nootie also claims to have formulated this Oatmeal Dog Shampoo to be medication, soap, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and paraben free. But most importantly, Nootie offers a “pet pleasing” full refund guarantee if the shampoo doesn’t work for your pet.


  • It comes with a full refund guarantee if it doesn’t work for your pet
  • This is very useful instead of just throwing the unused portion away or trying to somehow finish it
  • You can simply return the unused portion and get your refund!It is very easy to rinse compared to other dog shampoos that need a lot of water to remove the shampoo
  • The scent is very subtle and light, nothing overbearing
  • It is very gentle and soothing that it can also be used on other pets like cats


  • If you’re looking for a shampoo that can make the coat really shiny, this might not cut it
  • It can get pretty expensive with the shipping fee

#2 Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo (24 oz.)

Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo (24 oz.)

Via Amazon.com

As for Wahl’s Natural Pet Shampoo, it claims to be PEG-80 free and natural plant derived. It also makes use of coconut and lime verbena for dry, itching or irritated dog skin.

Moreover, this natural pet shampoo also comes in different formulations to cater to other dog needs such as: the brightening formula, natural defense formula, calming formula, purifying formula, gentle formula and shed reducing formula. However, this particular product comes in the Oatmeal formula.


  • It comes in other formulations as well to cater to different dog needs
  • It can also help kill and eliminate fleas
  • It is good even for dogs with sensitive or irritated skin but still smells good


  • The consistency might not be to your liking if you are used to using thick shampoos
  • There might be ingredients in the product that won’t work for your dog such as lemon verbena
  • Check first, especially if your dog has skin issues

#3 Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo (16 fl. oz)

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo (16 fl. oz)

Via Amazon.com

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo comes in 12 different variants to cater different needs. However, this particular product comes in the Vanilla and Almond variant for itching and dry skin relief.

EarthBath boasts of its 100% biodegradable and cruelty free products. It is also a soap free shampoo that claims to be safe, gentle and effective for your pets, even for cats. In addition, it also comes in different scents.


  • True to its word, it also works great for other pets such as cats
  • It works well to help comfort itching and is ideal for dogs with allergies
  • It helps maintain your dog’s coat/fur making it soft and shiny
  • This said, it can help with dogs who have dry skin and rough coat


  • It can be a little slippery due to its formulation
  • If your dog has already been diagnosed with other skin issues and itching, this might not be as effective

#4 OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo And Conditioner (20 oz.)

OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo And Conditioner (20 oz.)

Via Amazon.com

On the other hand, OxGord’s Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner claims to be both a shampoo and a conditioner. It is originally meant to be a medicated clinical vet formula wash. Similar to Nootie’s, it also makes use of Aloe vera.

It also boasts to be a “tear-free” shampoo that can definitely make bathtime more fun and easier for your dog. This 20 oz. product is paraben free and cruelty free. Even the bottle is made from recycled materials!


  • It is a paraben free and cruelty free product that also makes use of recycled materials
  • It can help ease itchiness with its Aloe Vera content
  • It really helps eliminate any funky smell on your dog without being too overbearing


  • It is not SLS free
  • This might not sit well with your dog if your dog is allergic to SLS
  • Check the ingredients first before buying
  • It might come off as a little diluted

#5 Burt's Bees Oatmeal Dog Shampoo (16 fl. oz)

Burt's Bees Oatmeal Dog Shampoo (16 fl. oz)

Via Amazon.com

Finally, Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Dog Shampoo claims to be able to condition your dog’s skin and coat, leaving it soft and shiny. It is cruelty free, sulfate free, artificial colorant free and pH balanced for dogs.

As for the ingredients, it makes use of Colloidal Oatmeal, Green Tea Extract, Honey, and Beeswax. All of which are claimed to be all natural ingredients, perfect for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin. It will definitely help keep your dog’s coat clean while conditioning it both at the same time.


  • It is safe to use even for puppies.It does not dry out your dog’s coat all while leaving it clean and soft (it does what it says it does)
  • It doesn’t have any overpowering scent but still eliminates dog smell
  • The gentle scent is perfect for dog owners who don’t like the generic sweet fragrance in other dog shampoos


  • The consistency is kind of watery or thin
  • This might not be ideal if your dog is used to shampoos with thick consistency
  • Due to its consistency, you might have to use a lot of the product to get a thick mane cleaned

Our Verdict

At the end of the day, the best shampoo for your dog should be based on your dog’s needs. If you can help it, don’t compromise on the price for quality.

Among all the products reviewed, Nootie’s Oatmeal Dog Shampoo might be the best option to start with.Its ingredients are very neutral and it even comes with a full refund guarantee if it doesn’t work for your pooch. We wish you luck on your quest in finding the best dog shampoo for your pooch!

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