Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews: Is It The One For My Dog?

We don’t just feed our dogs to sate their hunger. We feed them to help give them balanced nutrition and keep them healthy. This is why it is important that we choose only the best dog food for our pooch. However, finding a dog food that works best for your dog might be a little tricky.

For today's Natural Balance dog food reviews,we’ll talk about how they formulate different types of dog food with different categories. This is in order to cater to the specific needs of each dogs. So before making the decision, here are several things you might want to know first.



Be Meticulous In Dog Foods

As an owner of four dogs, it was very tricky to find which dog food works best for each of them at first. Despite growing up together, my dogs were a little picky with what they eat. But what’s even more challenging was, they also had varying preferences.


One of them only ate dry dog food. Then another one only liked wet dog food with liver flavor in it. But the other two liked whatever you fed them as long as it smells good. Although most of the times, we just feed them lean chicken breast shredded to pieces.

However, there was one time when one of my dogs started vomiting everything it ate. We had to feed all our dogs sugar or add sugar to their water to combat the symptom. Even to the three who did not vomit. At the end of the day, we figured it was because of the new food.

This said, if they didn’t like their food, they would either just pick on it or ignore it altogether. And to be honest, it is okay as owners to feel bad wasting that amount of money and dog food if it’s for the wellbeing of your pooch. Because it’s a given that when your pooch doesn’t like the food, you automatically throw it away instead of forcing them to finish it. After all, forcing it on them might just make them sick.

Similar to my experience, there will be times when it’s not just about your dog not liking the food. Sometimes, you will encounter dog food formulations that really cause adverse effects. Fortunately, our dogs also sense if a food might not sit well with them. And that is why your dog probably won’t eat the new food. One of the symptoms that your dog might be allergic to a food ingredient is when it gets diarrhea or even rashes.

Natural- Balance-dog-food

There are also dogs who end up getting sick enough to visit the vet because they have sensitive digestion. And this is what we are trying to avoid. A good tip when transitioning your dog from one food to another is, taking it slow.

Gradually introduce the new food to your dog by simply adding small amount of the new food to the previous food. You can start by adding 25% first of the new food and then, 75% of the old food.

As the weeks progress and you see that your dog sits well with the new food, that is when you can start increasing the amount of the new food.

Natural Balance Dog Formula

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Among all the variants to choose from in Natural Balance’s products, do not be afraid to try out which ones work best for your pets. Most importantly, do not be afraid to do some research.

Nature Balance offers health support and information on their website should you need to know more about your pet’s food and nutrition. However, do take note that your pets’ overall health and wellbeing is mostly dependent on their diet.

Regular check ups and the right amount of exercise (even for cats) are very significant to keeping them healthy.

Our Top 5 Picks


This particular dog food contains a 28-pound bag of dry dog food. They keep your pet’s digestive system healthy, and help make their coat shiny as well. You can buy this flavor for your dog at any stage of its life, be it a puppy or an adult dog.

The protein comes from the lamb meal. They also use brown rice which is healthier and more nutritious for your dog. They also use canola oil, which is a great source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid. Rest assured, your dog is getting the nutrients it needs with this one!


  • It is compatible with all dog breeds.It comes in formulas for both puppies and adult dogs.
  • This is good for dogs with more sensitive stomachs.
  • It’s also recommended for dogs with a lot of allergies since it only uses a limited number of ingredients.
  • It doesn’t make your dog’s poop smelly.


  • It’s quite pricey.Some pieces might be too big for smaller dogs so they might have a harder time eating them.


Is your dog looking a bit bushed? It might be lacking the energy it needs to power through the day. This formula which uses potatoes can solve the problem. Potato is a great energy source which is easily digested by dogs.

This does not contain any artificial colors or flavoring, nor does it have any preservatives. It’s grain-free as well. It comes in both puppy and adult dog variants so you can buy this flavor no matter how old your dog is. It comes in different sizes, from 4.5 lbs. to 26 lbs.


  • Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.The ingredients are closer to a dog’s natural diet so it’s less likely to upset their tummies.
  • It helps with problems related to their poop.Furthermore, their poop also smells less offensive after switching to this product.
  • It also claims to make your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.


  • It’s slightly overpriced.
  • The biggest size it comes in is 26 lbs. unlike the lamb meal variant which comes in 28 lbs.


If you follow a vegan lifestyle and prefer your dog to do the same, then look no further! This dog food variant does not use animal, dairy, or meat products, making it vegan. This doesn’t mean it lacks nutrients that come with a meat-based diet though.

It uses alternative ingredients to make sure your dog still gets all the nutrients it needs. Its primary energy sources are brown rice, oatmeal, and potatoes. It also contains green peas as another alternative source of nutrients. It’s compatible with all breeds.


  • It also comes in a 28 lbs. pack so you won’t have to keep on buying repeatedly.It saves you time and money on shipping.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it still provides the necessary nutrients for dogs even if they were on a meat-based diet.Your dog won’t necessarily get sicklier or frailer if it switches to vegan dog food.
  • It’s a bit more affordable compared to the other dog food variants from this brand


  • It contains peas so you shouldn’t get this if your dog is allergic to them.
  • It could possibly give your dog some gas or diarrhea.


This formula primarily contains venison and sweet potato. Venison gives your dog the amino acids it needs, helping it develop a shiny coat. It also helps keep its muscles toned for longer walks or run. Sweet potato is rich in both carbs and potassium.

Just like other foods from this brand, it’s grain-free and it does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It comes in three sizes: 4.5 lbs., 13 lbs., and 26 lbs. It’s primarily made for adult dogs.


  • It will help stabilize your dog’s poop.
  • It will also lessen the foul-smelling gas that your dog releases.
  • It will improve your dog’s skin and coat.
  • The limited ingredients lessens the likelihood that your dog will eat something it’s allergic to.This is because there are no extenders, which are usually the culprit when it comes to allergies.


  • There is no option for smaller dog breeds.There is also no variant for younger dogs; this is only available for adult dogs.
  • The biggest size is the 26 lbs. Bag only.
  • It’s pretty overpriced compared to other formulas.


This is a bit different from the other Natural Balance dog food variants that were previously mentioned. This dog food specializes in improving your dog’s digestion and immune system. It achieves this by using prebiotics. It’s also compatible for all breeds of dogs for all ages.

You can also expect your dog’s coat to improve thanks to ingredients such as Omega fatty acids and salmon oil. Protein is also not an issue thanks to various protein sources. Sources like fresh chicken, lamb meal, and salmon. It can also improve your dog’s stool because of its complex fiber components.


  • It helps your dog regulate its poop because of the fiber and the prebiotics.
  • It’s compatible for all dog breeds and for both puppies and adult dogs.
  • It can help improve your dog’s coat.If it looks like the coat’s getting dull, this can help it restore or even improve it.
  • It can also help your dog last longer during outdoor activities since it helps build stronger muscles.


  • The maximum size it comes in is 26 lbs.You might end up buying more frequently which is inconvenient.If you find that your dog is accustomed to this brand then it might be preferable to buy in bulk.
  • This might contain too much protein for your dog.Consult your veterinarian before feeding this to your dog.

The Verdict


Some dogs have food allergies which can be stressful for their owners. Even so, we should always strive to find the best food for them. It should lessen or eliminate instances of upset stomachs yet still be enough to nourish them.

Synergy Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food might be a good option for those who want to minimize food related issues yet don’t want to compromise on nutrition.

You can also look into the Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula if your dog has more allergies than most. We wish you luck in finding the best for your pooch as these are two are available for all dog breeds and life stages!

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