The Most Loyal Dog Breeds: Dogs That Will Always Be By Your Side


When we welcome a new dog to our home, we look forward to the bond that we will share with our new buddy. Dogs have long been part of mankind’s everyday life, which means that there are dozens of loyal breeds out there.

However, the top 10 breeds that we will list below are the best of the best when it comes to loyalty. These are the most loyal dog breeds which will be there for you in times of work, fun, and danger.


The Heroes And Rescuers


#1 Doberman


The dog that I got after my pug is a Doberman pinscher whom I named Coal. In contrast to my pug and other smaller breeds, Coal is an extremely alert and protective dog. He’s the type of guard dog that you’d want to stay near your doorstep, because he will bark.

However, don’t always relate toughness to loyalty. Some dogs are over protective which isn’t healthy anymore. As with my experience with Dobermans, if you train them correctly, they won’t turn out like that. There’s a reason why so many militaries rely on a Doberman for rescue.

Dobermans like mine need to feel that they’re following an alpha, which should be you or someone in the family. A Doberman that thinks he’s the alpha would be destructive, so try to train your dog early.

In that way, you’ll find an amazing guard dog that will always be there every minute. Dobermans may be quite tricky to deal with unlike the other breeds, but their resilience, loyalty, and affection will definitely show to an owner who cares.


#2 German Shepherd


The German Shepherd is almost too good of a dog breed when it comes to loyalty. Similar to the Doberman, German Shepherds are active canines in different fields. The most prominent field that these canines work for is the military and police.

There’s a good reason why the most elite military units train German Shepherds. These dogs are such affectionate pooches that you’ll be guaranteed 100% loyalty if you train him correctly.

There are thousands of German Shepherds that were given medals of honor in the military. Honestly speaking, this dog is probably the most loyal breed out there if you give utmost attention early. Just watch the movie “I Am Legend” starred by Will Smith and a German Shepherd named Sam!


#3 St. Bernard


If Dobermans and German Shepherds are trained to support security, St. Bernards are specialists in mountain rescue.

This dog is one of the largest breeds, but it doesn’t fail in the loyalty facet as well. St. Bernards became famous after rescuing hundreds of hikers in the Swiss Alps. These dogs rescued so many mountaineers that they are heralded as the best rescue dog.

If you’re getting a St. Bernard, you’re guaranteed to be protected and loved by this huge canine. Just be prepared for the heavy body slams! That only means your dog is happy and contented with your family.

The Versatile Retrievers

#4 Labrador Retrievers


Labradors, or more famously called as “Labs”, got their name for tirelessly working for fishermen in the Labrador Sea. These dogs are natural born swimmers that can help you out in work. The best part about these dogs is that they rarely bite, so they’re also good for kids.

Overall, Labradors are a rare blend of friendliness and loyalty.This is why labs are usually up there with pugs and the next loyal retriever (listed below) in the “Most friendliest dogs list”.

If you’re looking for a workhorse and a child-friendly companion, labradors should probably be at the top of your list.

#5 Golden Retriever


Golden retrievers are similar to labs when it comes to loyalty and friendliness. They’re generally more playful than labradors. In fact, they’re one of the breeds that loves to play fetch outdoors. This stems from their history as bird hunters.

What’s unique about these dogs is that they have what you call a “soft mouth”. This literally means that these retrievers have a soft bite. In fact, it’s proven that they can lift raw eggs without breaking the shell!

Like the Labrador, Golden Retrievers are natural born swimmers. They’re usually easy to distract because of their playfulness. However, if you train them early, you can get a fluffy dog that’ll always be there to play and protect.

If you want a pet that’s extremely versatile in all facets, it doesn’t get more golden than a Golden Retriever.

The Japanese Dogs

#6 Shiba Inu


Shiba Inus have taken the internet by storm because of their comedic but heartfelt service to Japanese people. These dogs might be meme staples in the 21st century, but they’re extremely intelligent and tough.

In fact, the Shiba Inu is right up there with the toughest dogs to train. You’d need to be a dedicated trainer to maximize the Shiba Inu’s loyalty. However, in exchange of your hard work, these dogs are perfect for families looking for a watchdog.

Back in a 2004 earthquake in Japan, a shiba inu guided Japanese rescuers to the home of his owners. The owners were trapped under the rubble, but thanks to the Shiba Inu’s help, they were able to survive the collapse of their home.

These faithful stories led to Japan to declare it as a national treasure. Talk about a strong and loyal dog!

#7 Akita


Akitas are one of the closest dog breeds to the wolf. These are ancient guard dogs that were left untouched by breeders for centuries. As a result, these dogs are extremely loyal to their pack. However, they also have the fierce instinct of wolves.

This means that you should think long and hard before getting one. Akitas need a lot of time and effort like the Doberman and German Shepherd. If you train them correctly, they are companions for life.

In fact, one of the most famous true-to-life stories that shows a dog’s faithfulness features an Akita. In case you haven’t watched, there is a movie entitled after Hachiko, which is the name of a loyal Akita from Japan.

Despite the death of his master, Hachiko waited 9 years everyday for his master in front of a train station in Akita, Japan. This loyalty of Hachiko is regarded as one of the strongest to be recorded in history.

The Herding Dogs

#8 Shetland Sheepdogs


Sheepdogs like the Shelties are famous for their herding instincts. These dogs were loyal companions by farmers and shepherds who had a lot of livestock to take care of. In my experience, shelties are adorable pets that are easy to get along with.

These dogs follow you wherever you go. If you’re just watching TV, shelties would rest on your lap. If you’re up for a run, they’ll try to race you. Also, these dogs will try to herd kids! They are active dogs that need a lot of running and herding, so a walk outside is a must.

They can be pretty smart, so don’t take this dog for granted.If you’re looking for a cuddly watchdog that will be all over you, shelties are to die for!

#9 Kuvasz


Another primitive dog, the Kuvasz is an ancient breed that originated in Hungary. Like the shelties, these dogs were trained to protect livestock such as sheep. They’re natural guard dogs that are extremely strong.

Thus, these dogs must be trained to know what is suspicious and what is family. They’re similar to the German Shepherds when it comes to alertness and protectiveness.

When it comes to loyalty, these dogs will do anything for you as long as you treat them right. They’ve been known as working dogs that has a heartwarming history with disabled owners. Moreover, these pets are also used for dog therapies.

#10 Rough Collie


Last on this list is the Rough Collie, an iconic dog that we will always call as “Lassie”. Rough Collies came from Scotland, and like the Shelties and Kuvasz, these dogs are highly trained to herd animals.

Speaking of training, Rough Collies are a walk in the park to train. They’re extremely obedient and are often times the star of dog shows and intelligence courses.

However, what’s unique about the Rough Collies is that they are less aggressive than the Kuvasz, and less crazy than the Shelties. So if you’re looking for a more flexible sheepdog to cater to your changing routine, a Rough Collie is a good choice.

Here’s a great story that shows how loyal these dogs are.

It’s Not All About The Breed


Remember, the 10 breeds here aren’t the only loyal dogs out there. There are other terrific breeds such as the Rottweiler, Beagle, and Dachshund. However, at the end of the day, the loyalty of your dog will depend on how you raise him.

Loyalty and care for your family is not entirely up to the breed. If you have a dog known for loyalty, then that’s the first step only. Training your dogs and exposing them to different situations will help them develop more into loyal dogs no matter their breed.

With that said, enjoy your time with your pooch, and always remember that a dog is as important as any family member!

Roy Jr.

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