Pregnancy Test for Dogs: How To Know If Your Dog Is Pregnant

Similar to us humans, dogs mate when they are in heat and female dogs tend to get easily pregnant right after mating during their “season”. If you are expecting a puppy or puppies soon, it is very important that you know how to handle your pregnant dog.

But more importantly, you must know first if your dog is actually pregnancy by letting her undergo a pregnancy test for dogs.The earlier you detect the signs of pregnancy, the better you can prepare for a new member of the family. And so today, we will be listing down several things you need to know about dog pregnancy.



Is My Dog Pregnant?

There are currently four dogs in our home. Two of which are adopted and the other two are actually male puppies from the one that we adopted. However, before those two cute puppies came to our household, our adopted female dog Bibble, sure gave us a lot of challenging experiences first.


There are several pregnancy signs which are very easy to point our, even for non-professionals. First is your dog’s teats or the nipples. At about three to four weeks into the pregnancy, you will notice that your dog’s nipples will become more “pink”.

They will also seem a little bigger or more swollen than normal. And just a few weeks before giving birth, you might even find that when you press on the nipples, a little milk is going to drip from them.

The second sign would be your dog’s appetite. Her appetite might either increase or decrease depending on which stage of the pregnancy she is in. however, for dogs in pregnancy, it is ideal that you feed her small and well distributed meals throughout the whole day.

Due to her pregnancy, she might not be able to take in and properly digest one huge feeding. Moreover, giving her small portions of meal distributed throughout the day will help keep her satisfied and nourished.

Vaginal discharge and a swollen vulva might also be indications of pregnancy. Although these two symptoms might also be a part of the menstrual symptoms, they are also a good indicator of pregnancy, especially if you’ve already pointed out other signs.

Other Things You Might Want to Look Into



However, if you notice something unusual about your dog’s discharge, you might want to get her checked. It might be due to an infection she contracted during her mating or her menstruation.

A change in attitude or activity level can also be noticed for pregnant dogs. Some dogs become clingier than usual and some become more easily agitated. Probably due to the hormonal changes and growing pup in her womb.

Nesting is also a common trait for pregnant dogs. You might notice your dog taking a random blanket, pillow or toy to her bed (or any secluded place) and lying down with them. This is because she’s getting ready for her “little one” or little pups.

Most importantly, you will notice how your dog will grow bigger and her stomach will grow rounded. A fat dog is totally different from a pregnant dog. So be sure to take note of these symptoms.

The Medical Way

However, if you want concrete evidences to tell you that your dog is pregnant, there are several medical methods you can seek out. First, of course, is the ultrasound. This would help you really see if there’s life and heartbeat inside your dog’s womb.



An X-ray, Relaxin test and even a blood test, can help professionally determine if your dog is actually pregnant. Remember, at around 49 weeks into the pregnancy and an X-ray scan would already be able to detect any skeletal bones in your dog’s womb.

But the easiest method is to simply get a home pregnancy test which you can buy from your veterinarian.

Whichever method you opt to go along with, remember that your dog is going to be in a very sensitive and vulnerable stage if she is really pregnant. So be careful when taking her out for checkups or tests.


You Can Never Be Too Ready

As the saying goes, you can never be too ready for life. Which is why if you think or feel as if there’s something wrong with your dog, it is best to watch out for the signs and get him/her checked.

As for pregnant dogs, if you are expecting your dog to be pregnant, do not be surprised by her decreased activity. She might seem depressed and all, wanting to just rest in one place for the day, but that’s probably because her pregnancy is tiring her out more than usual.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be extra attentive, patient and loving during this time.


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