How To Calm A Dog In Heat: This is Important For Any Dog Owner!

Like any other mammals or creatures with instincts, our dogs can also feel as much heat as we humans can. And like us, our dogs can also lose control of themselves. This is why it is very important to know how to calm a dog in heat.

It is very easy to assume that once your female or male dog is away from their opposite sex counterpart, their heat will eventually subside. However, it is also important you acknowledge that it might take a while for their “heat” to subside as it is also caused by their hormones.

Why is my dog in heat?

As a dog owner for quite a while now, I have seen my dog in heat a lot of times already. This usually happens when my dog (who happens to be female) before, during and after her period.

Her body would literally be warmer than usual and she tends to try to get closer to other male dogs when she gets the chance. She would go near the male dog to smell his behind or his balls. This is all a normal sign that indicates your dog is not pregnant.

She is also very restless and tends to urinate a lot. Which is why we had to be very patient and understanding with her during this time. Sometimes, she even tends to be a little bit more clingier to Pepper (our dog who also happens to be a female).

So if you spot some of these symptoms or signs on your female dog, do not fret. This is very normal among female dogs in heat.

Dog In Heat

Similar to a female human’s ovulation period, female dogs also feel a strong urge to mate during this said season. This is due to the sudden increasing and decreasing of estrogen in your dog’s body. The hormonal imbalance is what causes your dog to be in “heat”.

However, it is important to take note that this phase is not only present among female dogs. Male dogs also experience this. For male dogs, their body temperature also increases.

You might find that they also lick anyone or anything a little bit more than usual. Sometimes, you would even find them rubbing themselves to a tree, the ground or on other surfaces. Their appetite might also change when in heat. So be sure to watch out for these symptoms.

However, if you do not want your dog to impregnate another ever or vice versa, there are several medical ways to address this. But then again, if you simply want to calm your dog in heat, there are also ways to temporarily resolve this.

I’m Getting Worried! What Should I Prepare?

Calming down your dog in heat might not be as easy because we are talking about hormonal imbalance here. However, it is not impossible. Though, you might need a lot of patience and understanding for this.

For this task, you might need several things such as:

  • Chews or treats - treats are a good way to keep your dogs filled, satisfied and preoccupied.
  • Toys - toys are also a wonderful addition to playtime and exercises with your dog. Collar and leash - this is very important, especially when you take your dog out for a walk.
  • Vicks vapor rub - this can be used to fight off the scent female dogs emit during this season. This will also keep your dog from attracting male dogs.
  • Music - similar to humans, a soothing music helps calm down dogs as well.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to help calm my dog!

Calming down a dog heat can be quite similar for both male and female dogs. And it can also be challenging if you aren’t aware of the do’s and don’ts. If ever you happen to be in such a situation, here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Take your dog out for a walk.

Like us humans, taking your dog out for a walk can help calm him/her down. Walking or exercising in general, helps them dissipate any excess energy they might feel when they are in heat.

Dog In Heat

You can use dog toys or a play ball to fetch as you do this. Not only does it help calm down your dog, it can also help him/her sleep better. However, be careful not to lose hold of him/her while walking or exercising.

Even after the walk, your dog might still feel the urge to get close to the opposite sex.

Step 2: Reward him or her with treats

After a tiring session or playing, walking or exercising, your dog needs food and treats. Treats are also mostly important if you are the busy type. When a dog is in heat, he/she will likely need a lot of your attention.

Dog In Heat

However, it is impossible to watch your dog 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Which is why it is important to leave treats or even food accessible to your dog if you aren’t going to be at home for the day.

Step 3: Bathe your dog regularly.

This phase/season for your dog is not a one time big time thing. For some, it takes them weeks before the “heat” is totally gone. Which is why it is very important to bathe your dog regularly.

Dog In Heat

For female dogs, they might have discharges of blood during this phase like female humans. And their body temperature might become warmer than usual as well. Bathing your dog not only keeps them clean and hygienic but also helps them maintain a regulated body temperature.

Step 4: If you want your dog not to be in heat permanently, seek the medical way.

A lot of pet owners decide to spay their female dogs or neuter their male dogs at an early age so as not to impregnate them or have them impregnate another dog. This might seem a little bit cruel, but there are very important benefits from doing so.

Dog In Heat

Getting your female dog spayed not only keeps her from getting pregnant accidentally, but it can also reduce their risk for mammary gland tumors, breast cancer and other reproductive health illnesses.

Similarly as for male dogs, having them neutered can significantly reduce their risk to testicular cancer and several prostate problems. Whatever your decide to do to keep your dog from heat, remember that his/her health and well being comes first.

It’s always about patience!

While your dog can be a little restless when in heat, they are also very vulnerable during the said season. It is very easy for them to lose control of themselves and find their way to their opposite sex.

During this time, you have to be very patient and understanding with your dog. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to give him/her enough attention and love. But most importantly, it is also important that you have your dog checked regularly. Just because they experience this regularly, doesn’t mean they are free from other reproductive illnesses.


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