Can Dogs Eat Bananas? The Mystery Fruit That Could Help Your Dog

As an owner of a pug for 5 years, I’ve seen my dog try to eat almost anything that’s available. My pug’s favorite food is bread, but he’s also crazy for chicken and rice! It’s not really a surprise since pugs love food.

If you have a dog similar to mine, you could be growing anxious on what food to give your dog. One of the food that’s always around the house are fruits, with bananas being the common ones. So if you see your pooch begging for a banana, you might ask yourself, can dogs eat bananas?

Finding Out the Answer


To be quite frank, dogs can definitely eat bananas.Going back to the story of my pug, it was really funny when he first ate a banana.

My pug’s name, Grigio, ate a ripe banana when he was 3 years old. We were at a beach resort with family and friends. My sister left her half-eaten banana on the table when we left the cottage to go for a swim. We left Grigio with his friend Feng (who is a Shih Tzu) in the cottage.

When we returned after a couple of hours, my sister noticed that the banana was gone! All that’s left was a banana peel under the table. We thought that someone had eaten the banana prior to swimming, but it turns out it was Grigio who was the culprit!

We knew this because Grigio’s mouth and gums still had remnants of the banana. At first we were quite skeptical if our little pug would get a tummy ache. Later on, we found out that this fruit is not only available for dog consumption, but it’s also healthy for your pooch!

Benefits of a Banana for Your Dog


Veterinarians recommend bananas because of it's good source of potassium for your dogs. Potassium is an important nutrition for your dog because balanced levels of it can keep your pooch away from diseases such as hypokalemia. Moreover, the right amounts of it can give your dog good digestion.

Potassium also helps your dog’s muscle activity. Large canines like Great Danes and German Shepherds get a lot of wear and tear in their muscles. This is also true for medium-sized dogs that have active lifestyles like Shetland Sheepdogs and Terriers.

With that said, a whole banana can give around 420 milligrams of potassium. For us humans, that’s considered enough to meet our potassium needs. For our dogs, one whole banana for a day can be a bit too much, so it’s wise to slice it in half first and give it your dog.

Other benefits that your dog receives from bananas are fiber, vitamin B6 and C, copper, and biotin. All of these make up for better immune system and resistance to diseases for your dog.

Although a banana is a wonder fruit for your dog, consider it only as a treat.

Why Your Dog Should Eat Bananas Moderately


Bananas are relatively low in cholesterol and sodium. Both of these elements are very harmful to your dog as it is harmful to humans. Despite these low levels, your dog should eat bananas only from time to time. The reason for this is because bananas are high on sugar, particularly fructose.

Too much consumption of fructose can lead to gastrointestinal problems for your dog. This is because dogs have a hard time digesting fructose compared to humans. So be sure to give only half of the banana and use it as a treat instead of an everyday snack.

Creative Ways to Feed Your Dog Bananas


Feeding your dog a ripe banana into slices is already good enough. However, if you want to spice things up, you can whip up a quick recipe for your dogs to look forward to when they’ve been good the whole day.

What You’ll Need:

- Half banana (cut into slices)

- Your dog’s favorite snack

- Peanut butter

I usually mash the banana slices and stuff them inside a quarter of a bread slice. This is my way of doing it because my pug loves bread. I also add a little dollop of peanut butter inside. The peanut butter gives your dog enough protein to replenish their muscles.

I usually shape the bread into balls. That way they look like little bombs of goodness for my dog to gobble up!

Wrapping Things Up


To sum it all up, there’s no need to panic when your dogs accidentally ate a banana. Bananas are nutritious fruits that are tasty for your dog’s palate. But the best thing about this fruit is that it’s the best source of potassium for your dog.

Remember, potassium is a great element to keep your dog active and free from potential diseases. Just be sure to not overfeed your dog because it does have fructose. Have fun and treat your dog to some sweet bananas!Did you found this article informative? Let us know below and share it to your friends!


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