My Dog Is Throwing Up White Foam: What Should I Do?

As a dog owner for 6 years, I’ve witnessed one of my dogs throw up white foam. This happened to my Shih Tzu named Feng. She was only 2 years old when this happened, and it really scared me.

When your dog is throwing up white foam, it’s a sign that something is wrong with his health, particularly the digestive tract. That’s why it’s important for a dog owner to know the causes for prevention in the future.

What Could be the Problem?

My Dog Is Throwing Up White Foam

To get straight to the point, there can be many causes when your dog vomits foam.

In my experience, hours before my Shih Tzu started vomiting foam, we were at a mall park eating in a steakhouse. I was with my family eating fries and steak while Feng was barking at us from below the table. Apparently, she’s quite hungry and wants a bite of our meal.

Here’s where I made a terrible mistake. I didn’t bring any dog treats for Feng, so I couldn’t make her stop barking. Since I didn’t want to feed her beef, I instead opted to give her some of my french fries.

Looking back at it now, there’s no doubt that the fries were the cause of Feng vomiting white foam. This was later confirmed when we brought Feng to our trusty vet.

This incident could lead us to the root of the problem, our dog’s digestive tract. Similar to us, our furry companions vomit if something goes wrong with their bellies. Likewise, there are many illnesses that causes dogs to vomit white foam. It’s crucial to specifically know what the cause is in order to treat it right.

Your Dog Ate Something Wrong

My Dog Is Throwing Up White Foam

The incident with Feng leads us to the first cause. Your dog vomiting white foam could be caused by eating something that’s toxic to them. Although french fries are not really listed as toxic to dogs, the high fat content from the batter and oil could’ve led Feng to have an upset stomach.

Besides toxic food and plants that your dog can eat, be on the lookout for dangerous items that are easy for your dog to reach. Does your home have sticky mouse traps? Do you have decor near the floor? Or does your dog reach your laundry area where the detergents are?

Remember, it’s part of our responsibilities as owners to fix the arrangement of our things to keep our dogs away from danger. This is true especially if we leave our dogs at home without any guardian.


My Dog Is Throwing Up White Foam

Bloating is one of the most serious conditions that your dog can suffer. The cause of this is still not yet pinned down to one specific answer. However, it can be correlated with dogs doing active work after eating. Often times, bloating happens with deep-chested and large breeds like the Great Dane.

When a bloat happens to your dog, the digestive system contracts and twists abnormally. This prevents proper blood and air circulation to your dog which can be fatal.

If your dog is spewing white foam, this could be a symptom of bloating. There are many other symptoms such as an overly-sized stomach, and obvious discomfort in your pooch’s body language. Particularly, the inability of your dog to lie down properly.

That being said, if your dog exhibits these symptoms along with vomiting, rush your dog to the vet. There’s no home remedy for bloating. It’s a life-threatening condition that should be handled by a veterinarian immediately.

Kennel Cough

My Dog Is Throwing Up White Foam

Unlike bloating, Kennel Cough is one of the more milder illnesses that your dog can get. This happens when a large number of canines are near each other. You could call it a human version of the flu.

If your dog’s been exposed to a lot of other dogs, it can get a kennel cough and start throwing up foam. Getting a kennel cough can be attributed to weak immune system, so a good preventive measure is to give your dog vitamins.

To treat your dog who’s suffering from this, you can apply remedy by giving your dog space. Don’t get too worried and let him relax at home first. Once your dog’s rested, take him to the vet and ask for antibiotics for his recovery.

Bilious Vomiting Syndrome

My Dog Is Throwing Up White Foam

This syndrome is similar to acid reflux for humans. It typically happens to our dogs when they’re running on an empty stomach. An empty stomach means that there’s high acidity, which could cause vomiting.

This is caused by bile and stomach acids not having to digest anything inside your dog’s stomach. A good solution to this is to plan and schedule your dog’s meals. For my pets, I feed them a big meal twice a day. One in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

However, I give them light snacks and treats in between their heavy meals. This helps prevent my dogs from getting hungry and acidic, especially since they’re active dogs who burn a lot of calories.


My Dog Is Throwing Up White Foam

Pancreatitis is another disease that our dogs can suffer just as we humans do. When the pancreas of your dog is inflamed, he could have a hard time digesting the food he consumes.

Thus, as a way out, your dog can vomit as a result of indigestion. When this happens, the vomit can be accompanied by white foam. Should this happen, withhold your dog from consuming food and let him calm down first.

Because it requires complex procedure, Immediate veterinary help is the solution if your dog suffers from pancreatitis.

Always be an Alert Dog Owner

An alert dog owner who knows his pooch always has the upperhand when it comes to emergencies like these. If your dog throws up white foam, you should be aware of what he went through, what he ate, and where he went.

Remember, our dogs can’t speak to us directly. We should do our best to reach out to our dogs by paying attention to their behavior. Don’t be the irresponsible dog owner like I was 5 years ago. Know what your dog eats and don’t spoil him by giving whatever food he barks for!

With that said, always be in touch with your pup and always be ready to take him to the vet. If you found this article informative, give us a like and share the information to your friends!


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