Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much? Factors That Affects Your Dog’s Sleep

If you’ve owned a dog before, chances are you might wonder why your dogs love to sleep. You might see your dog sleeping in the morning, and again in the afternoon. Surely, any dog owner would wonder why!

The answer as to why do dogs sleep so much really depends on a lot of things. There are some dogs out there that love to sleep, while others are a little bit more active. Today, we’ll find out the answer to this puzzling question. I’ll be using my experiences with my pug, Grigio, to explain it better.

My Experiences With My Dogs

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

I have two dogs that are pretty opposite when it comes to sleeping habits. Feng and Grigio, my pug and doberman, have varying sleeping patterns as grown adults. For one, Grigio is a very lazy dog. Oftentimes, I’ll see him lying on his couch just staring at me for food.

On the other hand, Feng is more active. Although she doesn’t engage in rigorous activities such as long walks, she’s always awake. Observing her for 5 years now, I can tell that Feng is a lot alert than Grigio. There was one time when I woke up at 2 am and saw Feng guarding our front door.

As with Grigio, he’d sleep at least 3 times a day. One in the morning that starts right around 9am, one in the afternoon around 1 am, and another in the evening at around 9pm. Meanwhile, Feng would only sleep during the morning and evening. Not to mention, her morning sleep is fairly short at only 1-2 hours.

Like any dog owner, we can get curious, worried, or frustrated if our dogs sleep to much. Some of us actually think this can be attributed to all dogs. Although that has a little truth in its sense, we should be aware that there are other factors that can help us know if a dog would sleep more.

Factors that Affect a Dog’s Sleep


Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Age is one of the most prominent factors that can help you gauge how often your dog will sleep. Similar to babies, puppies also need a lot of sleep. It’s normal if your pup sleeps a lot during the day. This will help him grow healthier.

Moreover, puppies have less energy stored compared to grown up dogs. The ironic thing here is that puppies are little hairballs of energy. They’re a lot more active than older dogs because they’re still in the exploring and learning stage.

That’s why puppies, although energetic, tend to tire out more frequently. Hence, adequate rest ranging from 18-20 hours a day is needed to re-energize themselves. On the other hand, older dogs need more sleep too. This is because as they grow old, staying active becomes more difficult. It’s similar to older people as well.


Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Here’s a factor that people tend to overlook. Breeds can definitely help you predict how much your dog would sleep. Pugs like Grigio are known to be lap dogs. They’re perfect for apartments because they don’t need an active lifestyle.

On the other hand, working dogs are more less likely to sleep if they lack in adequate exercise. A good example would be my Doberman named Coal. I used to not give Coal his daily dose of exercise, which made him not sleep well during the night.


Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Dogs need adequate sleep for them to grow into healthy pooches. The average grown adult would average 14 hours of sleep. However, as we previously mentioned, this can change depending the breed. Mastiffs, for example, are more prone to lazy sleeping since they can average over 18 hours of sleep a day.

The key here is to know if your dog has any changes in his sleeping patterns. This could indicate that there’s something with your dog’s health. Before, my pug was diagnosed with a viral infection. One of our first observations was he couldn’t sleep properly at night.

Other dogs can oversleep a lot even though that’s not their habit. Like with the case of humans, this can be a sign of diabetes. Depression is another factor that can alter your dog’s sleeping habits. As responsible dog owners, we must pay attention to detail at all times.

The Common Factor Between Every Dog

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

We’ll wrap this article up by giving the common denominator why dogs sleep more than humans. To put it simply, your dog sleeps more than you do because he wakes up more frequently. Because of the alert nature and sensitive ears of your dog, they can detect small signals of danger quickly.

Be it an earthquake, a burglar, or just you getting mad, our dogs wake up more than we ever do. So treat yourself as lucky for falling into a deep sleep! With all this said, always remember that your dog’s sleep will depend in his activity levels. Even if you have a working dog, he’ll sleep like a log if you won’t let him work or exercise!

Remember, a dog with sufficient sleep is always a happy and healthy dog. If you found this article informative, share, give us a like, and comment below!e...


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